We are now in the 2nd full week of the new year, and so far I've accomplished not being tempted by chocolate once. My new year's resolutions are going great.  Oh also - I haven't created in a quite a while - apparently I'm in a bit of an art rut.  
In the meantime, I've browsed the information highway for bits and pieces of inspiration, and I hope maybe what I've found gives your creativity a little boost as well.

Can you imagine being able to paint using just one tenth of the pigments in this library?  I mean, how cool would that be?
I've found a great blog full of wonderful abstract paintings - each from a different artist - today I'm sharing this alcohol ink painting and  this amazing pastel work.  

Of course, inspiration can be in black and white, as well.  I just love the detail in these drawings.

So, with these colors and lines pushing me to push through the fog and create, I am packing up a few art supplies every day and carrying them with me.  My goal is to at least try to create one piece a week.  This week we are starting off small, perhaps an art card in pen or marker? 


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